Established: 2016

Parent company: 合食顧問股份有限公司

CEO: Wang Bo-sheng 王柏升



Jeff Huang, founder of Don’t Yell At Me, has always been nostalgic for the strong neighbourly bonds and humanity of his childhood local drink shop, and longed to build a similar role for himself to give back to the community. Despite meeting strong familial resistance and constant yelling, he still insisted on founding the Don’t Yell At Me brand. Packaging the shop as a safe-haven for anybody to take a breath and relax amidst the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced society, Huang wants to remind everybody to “live in the moment.” Don’t Yell At Me is more than a drink shop – it is the crossroads between living and existing, and even more so symbolises the faith and courage to dream big and seize the day.¹ Since its inception, Don’t Yell At Me has been growing steadily both overseas and in Taiwan. Currently they have 19 shops in Taiwan alone, and locations in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the USA, and Canada.²

COVID Donations

Don’t Yell At Me launched an event to “Support frontline workers” in June, giving discounts and free toppings to frontline medical professionals, police officers, and firefighters. Recently, they have also teamed up with external organizations to give away a hundred free drinks every day as a gesture of appreciation and support for those who’ve worked hardest in the epidemic prevention response.³


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