Established: 2001

Parent company: 大苑子開發股份有限公司

CEO: Chiu Rui-tang 邱瑞堂



Da Yung’s CEO Chiu Rui-tang has wanted to start a business since he was in college, and his first attempt was a candied fruits stall at a market in his hometown. Though that business wasn’t as successful as he wanted it to be, the experience of working right at the frontiers of consumption allowed him to observe the incredible rise of drink shops. Chiu seized the opportunity when he saw it, and started Da Yung’s in 2001.

At that point in time, the drinks and beverages market was already quite saturated. In order to distinguish Da Yung’s from other chains, Chiu transformed the brand to specialize in fruit beverages, with an emphasis on providing “fresh fruits in a professional manner”. Amidst food safety concerns in 2013, Da Yung continued to deliver products that were fresh, green, healthy, and natural.¹

2019 Labor Standard violation: unpaid wages

臺灣高雄地方法院民事判決: 108年度勞訴字第107號²

Kaohsiung Civil Court Judgement: Case No. 107 in the Year 2019²

2019 Hong Kong protests

In recent years, China has continuously taken action to bully Taiwan and has launched “witch hunts” against international companies. Taiwanese drink shop chains are the latest in the line of fire, with Chinese netizens labelling several drink shops as being “pro-independence”. Many brands have come out in support of the “One-China” policy in order to appease the Chinese market and continue securing Chinese revenue. Following Yifang Fruit Tea’s public internet post supporting “One China Two Systems”, many other Taiwanese drink shop chains have been implicated in the controversy as well.³


Da Yung’s was exposed by PTT for allegedly posting to Weibo that “Da Yung’s originates from Taiwan, China”, and was heavily criticized by netizens for the action. Da Yung’s vice-chair responded that “Da Yung’s has never engaged in political activity or expressed political views. We will be more careful in overseeing the operations and wording in marketing material for our Chinese shops’ branding.”⁴

"Fuck Da Yung's" Facebook Group

Da Yung’s has had multiple media controversies and complaints. The Facebook group “Fuck Da Yung’s” was created for customers and employees to anonymously report on Da Yung’s.⁵


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