Established: 1991

Parent company: 春水堂實業股份有限公司

CEO: Liu Han-jie劉漢介



Chun Shui Tang is a chain tea shop from Taichung, Taiwan. Their main product is bubble milk tea and other different types of drinks, with a special focus on advocating for semi-fermented tea leaves, double cup drinking, and the three-stage tea tasting method. Chun Shui Tang and Hanlin Tea Room both claim to be the inventor of bubble milk tea.¹

Sustainable development

Founder and CEO Liu doesn’t trade on the stock market – in his opinion, stock investments are short-sighted, and most investors are only interested in profit. For 25 years, he has insisted on keeping Chun Shui Tang as a private entity. “I want to sustainably develop Chun Shui Tang as a brand,” he says. “China only thinks of the present, and Taiwan only thinks of tomorrow; but foreign countries think about sustainable development!


Liu believes that sustainable development of a business shouldn’t just be a slogan, and because of this, Chun Shui Tang should strengthen its own brand independently. For 25 years, Chun Shui Tang has never depended on anybody else, and now that their brand has won the approval of the market and customers, Liu deeply cherishes their success.²

2020 Violation of Labor Standards

Date of announcement: 2020. 12. 21

Date of penalty: 2020. 09. 09

Case number: 1094790908

Violation: Article 24 of the Labour Standards Act³

2020 Undercooked food incident

In 2020, Chun Shui Tang was embroiled in a dispute with a customer over an undercooked dish and reported to the media. A customer from Taichung who had recently undergone chemotherapy and thus was extra sensitive to raw foods was served an undercooked plate of wontons and hospitalized as a result. Chun Shui Tang later made a public apology about the dispute, clarifying that the error had been caused by a recently-hired employee who had made a mistake when operating cooking settings. In addition to apologizing for the mistake, Chun Shui Tang also clarified that on the day of the incident, their management reached out to the customer and accompanied him to the hospital upon receiving notice.⁴

"Fuck Chun Shui Tang 2.0" Facebook Group

Chun Shui Tang has had multiple controversies and complaints. The Facebook group “Fuck Chun Shui Tang 2.0” was created for customers and employees to anonymously report on Chun Shui Tang.⁵


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