Recently, Snowball compiled the great drink shops in Taipei that are available on UBEREATS, based on our ranking of the best tea shops in Taiwan for those who want their money to go to better companies.


However, some people said, ” I don’t use ubereats, I want to buy it myself!”

Snowball heard you! Today, we’ll help you find all the “great” & “good”-rated tea shops in Taipei on Google Maps!

GREAT shops:
Ching Yuan Taro Balls
Like Tea Shop

GOOD shops:
Chung Shui Tang

Tea & Magic Hand (not in Taipei)

Save this handy list for whenever you crave milk tea in Taipei!
👉 Google maps list


Now, you can find the best milk tea shops in Taipei, Taiwan, all conveniently mapped and located for you on Google Maps!


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